Saturday, January 30, 2016

Leilani R. Butler


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(This is a picture of website editing using an embed gadget feature to add a video to the website)

                   Yesterday and today I have been editing the Natural Disaster Preparedness website and the infographic. I embedded an informative video on the Additional Information Page and I relocated my pitch video from the Blogger and Progress Page to the Home Page. I also fixed the font size and color of the text so that they are consistent between all of the pages. I put MLA citations for all of the sources I used in a work cited at the bottom of the pages. I finally reorganized the order of the pages and centered some embedded videos.
                   After I finished editing the website itself, I edited the infographic. I removed the information regarding peak acceleration and replaced it with facts about subduction and plate tectonics to relate to tsunamis. To do this, I researched further and even found a picture to illustrate how the oceanic crust subducts below the continental crust forming an oceanic trench. 
                  Moving forward, I will find more information to put on the Additional Information Page and add to the tsunami and wildfire pages. 

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